Wednesday, July 10

Monster party ideas and inspiration

Glad to report the baby has been doing much better on new formula and this mamma is starting to get some sleep (and sanity!) back! WOOT! I am finishing up planning our sip & see... what do you have planned for the summer?

If you have a monster themed party planned here is some inspiration! But don't forget about older, but still fresh!, Frosting for a monster theme here (link).

How fun is this tablecloth?! So often we forget to use the real estate on the front of the table cloth for more fun! Apply this idea to any theme with cutouts to coordinate! Source

 I love this cake and the backdrop! I wanted to share the cake because if you break it down, you could apply this approach yourself even if you aren't a cake decorator! Keep each tier pretty simple - the fun is in the colors and add ons (which could even be plastic) (note:the chevron detail is NOT easy! but you could do sprinkles or anything with color instead).  Cookie cutters and purchased fondant (or homemade) can help you with the letters and number.  Source

For your party favors... turn this paddle ball games into crazy one-eyed monsters! (hint: you could do these green and make them for Monster's Inc party!)  Source

Party add on....

These monster finger puppets would make great favors! You could also glue them a top of box/containers.  Buy them here - link - $6.77 for 24!

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