Monday, August 19

Army party ideas and inspiration

Happy Monday! My 2nd to last Monday before maternity leave is over! UGH! How did it go this fast?! I haven't slept enough yet to enjoy it lol...

Anyway, today's party inspiration is in honor of my brother serving in Afghanistan.  It's hard not thinking about him when we haven't heard back in a while.  But any of you with people away, you know, like I do, that they don't have access to communicate always.  I hope he brings baby Elias an Army shirt - that would be fun!

Don't forget about older, but still fresh!, Frosting for an Army theme here (link)

Make some brown paper tanks! You could even set up these as an art activity - most craft stores carry military style stickers now! Source and tutorial

Make cookie "dog tags"! You could even do each kid's name and use as placecards.   Source and tutorial 

No Army party would be complete without camo! These cupcake sandwiches would be a fun dessert for the kids! Source and tutorial


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