Thursday, September 5

Dinosaur party ideas and inspiration

First week back to work! if I thought my schedule was busted before, it sure is now! Sneaking away for a few min to do a quick post for ya!

It seems like all my son's pjs have dinosaurs... so that will be today's inspiration! Don't forget about older, but still fresh!, Frosting for a dinosaur theme here (link)

Make your dessert table fun with either fake or real plant life, raid the toy box for plastic dinosaurs and add a picture frame with cutouts from books or the computer (great idea for any party).  Source

How fun and clever is this idea?! Take a plastic dollar store dino, cut his head off and reassemble for a fun serving platter! Source and tutorial

Create these dinosaur eggs with cracked, dyed eggs! Talk about super cheap decorations! Source and tutorial

If you good with piping...these fossil dinosaurs would be a fantastic treat! Source

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