Monday, September 23

Halloween party ideas and inspiration: gross!

Ok, so today I don't know when I last ate, went to the store, paid my bills, etc lol... my little guy is finally sleeping mostly through the night but he's teething so it's hold me all day or I'll drive you insane time lol... Not much has gotten done, but hey, it has to be miserable to cut teeth without a stiff drink lol

I am SO not thinking about Halloween right now, but maybe you are! Here are some more ideas to stash for next month! Don't forget about older, but still fresh!, Frosting for Halloween here (link)

These gross drooling apple slice teeth are sure to make the kids laugh! (and it's a little health, right?!)  Source and tutorial (thanks sis!)

How fun and gross are these oozing cauldron bowls?! Source and tutorial  (buy mini cauldrons here - link)

These gross zombie cake pops are perfect for those (like me!) who's cake pops might not so ummm... smooth lol. Source

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