Tuesday, January 21

Valentine's Day Ideas and Inspiration: Gifts/Party Favors in a Jar

Well, I thought the turn of the new year would bring more peace and focus, but so far, not so much! I vowed to get back to blogging several times a week, but as you can see, not so much! It really is a habit, like anything else. Once you fall out of it, it's hard to get back on!  My little guy is 8M old today! you would think I would have it together by now ;o)

If you are stashing Valentine's ideas... here are a few!

I think this is my favorite out of the bunch! Lemon heads in a jar marked "Pucker up Valentine"! Source

Jar full of Hershey kisses marked "Kisses for you"! Source

Use Valentine colored candy corn with labels "It may be corny but I love you" ;o)  Source

...add Red Hots instead and a label "You're so hot!" Source

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  1. Well these are cute :)
    I think I might add those to the DIY I am planning on doing with our little daughter :) Thanks for the idea

  2. Thanks so very much for sharing my lemon drop and candy corn mason jar gifts! 8 months ... where does the time go?! :)

  3. The lemonhead idea is so cute!!!


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