Friday, January 31

Valentine's Day Party Ideas and Inspiration: Hearts

I am still daydreaming about what cute staged photo to take for my little guy's first valentine, so there will be no Valentine party here ;o) Shoot, I don't think my house has been presentable enough since he was born to have many people over at all lol

... but if you are planning something special, hope this inspires you! Don't forget about older, but still fresh!, Frosting for Valentine's Day here (link)

Simple fast Valentine dessert... chocolate dipped strawberries (cut tops into a "V" a bit first to look like hearts!).  A box full of these would be an awesome hostess gift! Source 

Who doesn't love cheesecake?! These mini heart topped bites would be a great dessert to offer at your party! Source and recipe

Up for a little fancier baking idea? These heart shape nutella tortes are beautiful! You could wrap them in individual boxes like these (link), attach a fork like these (link) and tie up with a pretty bow! Source and recipe

Use a cookie cutter and turn your rice crispies into cupid hearts! The arrow is just a lollipop stick like these (link) Source and tutorial

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