Wednesday, September 30


At work we are throwing a Cyberween day - basically cyber security awareness and HALLOWEEN mixed (both scary ;o)  Below are some ideas I have been saving to add the "icing" on the theme... Hope they give you some inspiration too!

How cute are these! Found on (link).  We are going to use these to put around the buffet room - kinda gives you room to decorate from the ground up! Site has easy template, though I am anxious to survey my Cricut collection to see if it has a mouse and I can cheat!

These labels would be the "icing" on any glassware, I am sure even plastic cups would look great too! ...p.s. I really love the little skull rings around the bottom too! (source)

These chocolate covered pretzel ghosts are just too easy and too adorable not to try to make this season! You could even up the cuteness by using a fondant tool to make ridges like mummy wrappings.  If you didn't want to use chocolate for the faces, I bet using an edible marker would do just great too...  (source)

I have been seeing TONS of halloween fondant cakes I would love to tackle, but I wanted to share this one because if you break it down, it really looks quite simple. (source)  I'll post pics if I attempt it! I have never made a topsy turvy cake, but from what I understand it's pretty simple.

These bags are the perfect takeaway from your Halloween event and super simple to make (I clipped this so long ago, I can't remember from where, but I think from a Martha Stewart Magazine)