Thursday, October 1

Chalkboard Fun!

CHALKBOARD PAINT can be easily bought at a craft or home improvement store and can really help put that special fun "icing" on your home decor or event... (don't forget to look under the first wine post for another chalkboard paint idea!)

Chalkboard paint covered coasters! From Beau-Coup (source) or you can just buy some inexpensive ones and paint them yourself.  How great for a lady's happy hour on the deck or even just your daily dinner with the family!

This idea is just to use black paper with chalk to create a fun table cloth.  If you aren't a very good drawer (I am horrid!) then try tracing cookie cutters or any shape as a template to make this idea even more fun! Source: Divine Party Ideas

This adorable name "card" would be a great gift for your guests to take with them! Terracotta mini pots are so inexpensive - this would be such a cheap, but fantastic addition to your tablescape. (an old clipping, not sure the source)

Fun chalkboard paint covered candles - I am not sure I would do the time on them, but using inspirational or theme related words would be very cute and again, VERY inexpensive! If you want to cheat, go to the source of the pic, though they are $20! Source

If you really want to add some unique "icing" to a home office or family resource wall... how fun is this!?!?  It would take some patience to tape off all the squares and mix up a few different shades of chalkboard paint, but the look is FANTASTIC! Sure beats a free sales calendar thumbtacked to the wall!