Wednesday, October 7

Autumn Party

The perfect thing to go with the trees turning beautiful shades of red, orange and yellow is an AUTUMN PARTY!  The following ideas would be the perfect "icing" to dinner party on a brisk night with hot cider and good friends...

These placecards are fantastic - I love the fall tones of gold and rust.  If you have horrible handwriting like I do, consider printing out the names out on the printer.  A craft punch can save you the painstaking time of cutting out leaf shapes.  You could modify this with any shape to suit any event.  These are from Martha Stewart (link)

This is an adorable and almost FREE! fall place card holder.   From Martha Stewart (source), these would be great in any tablescape... and best thing is it doesn't take any crafting skills or tools to complete!

I had this clipping of these fantastic pears from so long ago I don't know the source :o(  I am trying to figure out what was used to make these because how beautiful these would be on a table!

Pumpkin pops are adorable and a great way to keep portion sizes under control during the holiday season approaching! These are from Beau-Coup but with a little imagination, these would be easy to make.  Either use brownie pop molds or just use a round piece of cake you cut, dip in chocolate and do some finishing touches.