Tuesday, October 6

Package Presentation...

I feel the best way to put the "icing" on a present is PACKAGE PRESENTATIONIt allows you to take something relatively inexpensive to make and make it look high-end gourmet. Below are a few ideas I have come across...

Good 'ol Martha! This fantastic gift is simply cookies and tea bags, how easy, but it looks like you purchased from a gourmet shop! Find instructions here 

These are perfect for all the slices of pumpkin, pecan and sweet potato pie that will be dished out! How amazing would this be to hand out at work at the holidays? So much nice then a slice of pie on a paper plate, right?!?  Again, Martha Stewart! Directions here 

  This is one of the simplest ideas - just make an envelope out of any type of parchment or light paper and slide a special cookie inside... one cookie becomes a thoughtful treat!  (source)

These cupcake holders are perfect for Halloween or any event - they can be bought at Etsy but just using a double-sided scrapbook paper you could whip up endless possibilities!