Sunday, November 29

Gingerbread Houses

ok, I hope this doesn't offend any one... but we are VERY non-traditional family with a twisted sense of humor - add that up and you got a non-traditional Gingerbread House party! We had a small group of friends over and had a run-down trailer park theme.  We made the houses out of traditional gingerbread, but used the help of cardboard to make a skeleton to support the weight.  We put out things like cars, garbage bags, shotguns, beer cans and furniture for extra special touches... here is the winning house! Winner got a bottle of Boones Farm wine and pork rinds (funny thing is the winner was a vegetarian, needless to say, she left the pork rinds behind ;o)

Notice the pig roast, chair on the lawn and the far bottom left is a toilet made into a planter lol...

This is another side of the house with wife with shotgun and beer, trash, van up on blocks and broken fencing and NASCAR written in "chrismas lights"... a fun wine-filled night was had by all!