Wednesday, December 2

Brrr... Winter

The weather sure turned fast this week and it's feeling like Winter already!  I guess it helps all the Christmas lights and trees look like they fit in ;o)  Here are a few Winter themed treats that are on my to do list!

These are by far my favorite snowman cucakes - tons of color and fun! Not sure I will be this ambitious this year (working on my thesis for my Master's), but maybe next year! Super cute from posted these fantastically easy snowmen (much more my speed this month! lol).  Made from donut holes and mini donuts all of us can whip these up! These are surely going to be on my Christmas brunch menu (plus it gives me an excuse to have donuts ;o)

Save some mini donuts to create these snowmen faces! ... now off to find more reasons to have donuts around ;o)  Source: