Sunday, November 15

More Thanksgiving!

I am in hyper-planning mode for our special after Thanksgiving party.  We have everyone over the Saturday following Thanksgiving to have a night of fun gingerbread house building and stuffing our faces (again!).  Here are some more ideas I have collected.

Hello! you don't have to ask me twice to find a way to incorporate donuts into a party lol.  These are 2/3 of a donut hole, dipped in peanut butter, rolled in toffee bits with a piece of pretzel for the stem - how insanely cute are these!?!  They put them on leaves cut from fall colored napkins... me, I think I will cheat and cut out some leaves with my cricut ;o)  Source:

Ok, if the ones above are too many steps, then ta-da! These should fit the bill... chocolate kisses with mini nilla wafers attached with frosting and a little dab on top for the stem.  Fantastically cute and super easy! (no excuses not to make these!!)  Source:

I must be hungry this morning, here's another great idea for the Thanksgiving dessert table.  These owls are made from all things you can buy at the store and assemble, super easy and a great way to justify eating 2 cookies and not just one ;o)  Source: