Thursday, November 12

Art Party!

Because I just got my Cricut Design Studio software I am feeling really arts and that inspired me to share ideas for a kids Art Party - because we all know they aren't allowed near our grown-up art tools! 

This photo is from a kid's party center ( but I though, wow, this could make for a great tablecloth for the party (or in your kids art room).  You could sew pockets on to a strip of fabric then velcro (or sew or any other form of attachment you can think of!) it onto a tablecloth.  This would keep all the goodies for the art projects close by but out of the way!

Using brown shipping paper, you could cover any table for your buffet spread at the kids art party (or any kids party!).  Decorate it with a coordinating scene and place the food all around.  Source:

This has to be the perfect centerpiece for the day! I am going to take a guess that you could put a styrofoam ball on a large pencil then stick a sharpened end of a color pencil into it to create this look.  Source: