Friday, December 4

Can't help it... more snowmen!

Ok, last snowman post (at least for a few days ;o)  These snowmen aren't edible this time, but just as cute!

If you look closely, this little guy is actually a collection of magnets! Here is it shown on a fridge (hopefully yours is magnetic, my stainless steel one isn't!)  Source:

This little guy stole my heart... I am trying to break into stamping and with my cricut to make quick cards, this should be a simple one to try! I found out the "globes" are actually clear stickers you can buy that lay over your design to make it look like a globe, how clever! I hate when I miss a source, I believe this is from but please correct me if I am wrong :o(

This handsome fellow would be a fun card or even just a great decorations on a christmas buffet or on a mantel.