Thursday, December 10

Winter cake pops!

I have been dying to get into making cake pops since I didn't have time at Halloween... here are some adorable Winter Cake Pops (even a donut pop!) that might inspire you to do the same!

These reindeer guys are from on of my fav blogs -, she is so dang creative! Grab some candy and waffle pretzels and you are half way there! 

If you are hurt for time (or skills!) you can't escape these reindeer donut holes.  Hello!?!? How stinkin cute? They look almost like the ones above - with WAY less work - and who doesn't like an excuse to sneak a donut in among all the christmas cookies?  I think I shall make a dozen for our Christmas brunch! btw... even the eyes are easy... they are white chocolate chips turned backwards!  Source:

These cake pops will take a bit more skills... and steady hand! But would look beautiful on any holiday dessert buffet.  If you can't fit them in your baking schedule, you can purchase them from

Here's another simple one... use a peppermint candy stick instead of a lollipop stick and instant fabulous-ness! Roll the cake ball around in crushed peppermint while the chocolate is still drying and instant party favorite!  Source: