Thursday, December 17

Peppermint Candy Canes YUM!

There is no other candy that makes me think Christmas like Peppermint Candy Canes.  Takes you back to sneaking one off the Christmas tree when no one was looking! Here are some Peppermint Candy Cane inspired ideas, enjoy!

 Candy Cane staw cookies, yum! These would be fantastic in any color for any event! You could even sneak some chocolate filling in as an added bonus.  From our craft queen - Martha Stewart

  If you are feeling crunched for time or just want to give something different than cookies - these chocolate dipped candy canes would be a welcomed gift, I am sure! Source & directions: Country Living

How amazing would you tablescape look if each of your cups had one of these cookie cutouts hanging on to it?!? You could really do these for any event throughout the year, but here is the winter example.  You can purchase the cookie cutters but if you have mini cutters hanging around, it would be simple to recreate this without spending another dollar (we all can use a savings!)  Source & product

These peppermint nougats would make a beautiful gift wrapped up in  pretty, festive packing!  We are always looking for office gifts!  Source & recipe: Country Living

This last idea, though not edible, it looks good enough to eat! What a great gift idea for all your girlfriends this year! Lord knows we all struggle with keeping our skin moisturized during the winter!  Source & recipe: The Natural Beauty