Saturday, December 19


I just finished a crafting project that required all Santa's Reindeer, so I thought I would follow up with a post all about Reindeer goodies!

This cute favor box was made by:  I think I will try one a little more "awake" heehee, but he is adorable non-the-less! If you have a Cricut, they have the cake box in the boxes, bags and tags cartridge. If not, I know they are starting to sell the cake slice boxes at the craft stores.

This is such a cute idea to give to all the kiddies that still believe in Santa.  It's just cereal or oats or whatever you have with a topper that says "Reindeer Food" with a poem on the back.  How fun!!! Idea and poem can be found at

Aren't you in love with him!?!?  This most adorable reindeer topper could be made and place on a gift, food packaging, card or anything you can think of! It may be hard to let him go, though! Source