Friday, January 8

TGIF! Time for some wine!

Some weeks you just think to yourself TGIF - time for some wine! It's been one of those weeks here and I am going with the rule that one glass of wine is one glass of wine - no matter how big the glass ;o)   Here are a few touches to put on our wine and cheese night (if you so dare to share your bottles of wine... well at least share the cheese... ;o)

This really beautiful wine party tablescape would be sure to impress the most sober of guest ;o)  Source

 I have come across a lot of cheese markers, but these are just darling! I was never a bird person until I moved to my current home that's on a pond... now I find myself birdwatching and naming all the birds!  Source

These tags are so simple but add such a great touch.  You could personalize them, put wine rating or characteristics on them, seasonal decoration or maybe just funny sayings.  If you are not crafty, you can purchase from Source

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