Saturday, January 9

Desserts! YUM!

I know it's only 7:30am here, but I am feeling a sweet tooth day coming on! Dreaming of chocolate cake and tiramisu and brownies and donuts and truffles and.... Desserts! YUM! ...must stay strong! Here are some fancy desserts for your next party (or self-destructive binging lol)....

MMMM....cake kabobs! I love this idea - take a few different flavored and colored cakes, slice up to different thicknesses and put on a kabob stick - SO inexpensive but what an impact!  I think it would be fun to serve these with a few bowls of whipped icing and toppings... or slather these up with icing and roll in nuts or jimmies or whatever, but whatever you do... make sure you use tons of chocolate cake ;o)  Source

Simple, simple... put two marshmallows on a stick, dip in chocolate, add sprinkles and ta-done! These are great for any dessert tablescape because you can dye the chocolate (never use water based ones! it will seize your chocolate) and coordinating sprinkles depending on your party colors.  From my idol of dessert-scapes Amy Atlas

OMG, are you sitting down? Have cholesterol lowering meds and a fitness trainer? ok... then you have to try these... I am on the East Coast and do not (thank goodness in a way) have these Xooro Churro stores around, but why not try these at home? I know my local Walmart carries a pretty tasty churro box mix.  These churros are dipped in all kinds of different things and filled with cream - I think I am in heaven! Source of pic

Everyone loves a s'more! This s'more buffet is a way to bring the tasty picnic treat into any elegant, sophisticated party - even a wedding!  I love how they have the rocks and the gel candles set up - tons of fun! Source