Monday, January 4

Valentine's Day!

Time to start thinking about Valentine's Day! I got my bf a cooking class for last Valentine's Day - it was a very romantic evening cooking together at a local culinary school and sure beat silky boxers lol... not sure what I'll do this year, but here are some ideas I have been saving for making for friends...

These sweet (no pun intended heehee) cookies will be my first attempt at iced cookies, so stay tuned as to how they turn out! Source (one of my fav cookie blogs)

Awwww.... how simple is this favor box? (though I think I will use a more Valentine-y paper like kisses or hearts)  ...and with this you can be crafty and then cheat and fill with store bought candies ;o)  What I love about these types of ideas is that you can modify for any occasion or holiday - fill with chocolate eggs for Easter or cough drops for a sick friend, ideas are endless!  Source

Tell me you aren't in love with these little guys!?! They say "Happy Birthday" but with the little heart on his shell I said, hello!?!? This is totally a great Valentine cupcake! Maybe write XOXO or Love or just the turtles with the hearts.  I am thinking red velvet with cream cheese frosting (so long New Year's resolutions!)  Source