Saturday, February 6

Birds (Part 1)

We are BURIED! under tons of snow :o(  The thing I miss the most when it snows is all the Birds that visit us every day.  Our property has a really big pond with a small woods behind so we get all kinds of birds at our feeders.  I never was a bird person till I moved to this house - now I have names for most of them and feel sad when they don't visit!

A simple trick I think we all forget is to use a cutout to create a shape on a cake by dusting the rest with powdered sugar.  I thought this cake was so beautifully simple - plus, you can't go wrong with chocolate cake!! Source:  Magazine Wedding New York Feb 2010

I love the simplicity of this packaging - something about the blue of the bird with the tan of the paper looks so crisp and stylish! Source

How sweet is this little guy!?!?  Not only could you use these for a tablescape, but you could put them around the house aftewards! No need to stash away! Source:

This red bird really pops off the white of the frosting - I think he would make the perfect addition to any winter dessert-scape! You could either make a cookie of him or find a bird chocolate mold.   Source