Friday, February 5

Nice Package ;o)

Sitting here snuggled up watching the snow pile up! It's beautiful now - until we have to shovel tomorrow! I love seeing ideas of how to package ordinary food in extraordinary ways... here are a few nice packages to inspire...

Hello! Anything packaged in chocolate is welcome in my home! You could fill these with icecream, brownies, fruit, mousse, candy... well, anything that goes with chocolate! They are made by dipping a balloon in chocolate, super simple and you will really wow your guests!  Source and tutorial

Ok, double fantastic! Doily for the cupcake and get this - edible stands!! How great of an idea is that?  You could make them any shape or color to coordinate with your theme.  I would love to see a whole dessert table lined up with these in a bolder color set! Source and tutorial  found via

These sandwiches packaged with a sleeve are WAY too cute! How simple of a jelly sandwich, but how beautiful do they look!?!? And aren't they super practical too!?! You could coordinate the paper to match any party. Who says cupcakes are the only things that should have pretty wrappers these days!?! Source   ...and p.s.  I LOVE the coordinating cutout they slide under the cake stand!

Lastly, I see a ton of cake boxes like this on my internet journeys, but this one has directions and a template for those that don't have a Cricut.  Those that do, we just have to press "cut" ;o)  I love the idea of these because guests always fill up too fast and never eat all your desserts, and lord knows I shouldn't keep THAT much leftover cake in my house to tempt me!! Just such a nice way to package up a doggie bag item without just sending it home on a paper plate with plastic wrap! Source and tutorial

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