Wednesday, February 24

Cherry Blossom Theme

Who doesn't love Cherry Blossoms!?! Standing under one in bloom is so magical.  I think this would make an excellent Baby Shower or girl's theme.... enjoy!  There were too ideas to share today, so I did an inspiration board instead - check out Frost Me at Facebook to see the cutest craft stickers to help you embellish your theme!

Cherry Blossom Fan Cookies - yum!
Cherry Blossom Umbrella - hang these upside down throughout your space  to create a dramatic look!
Cherry Blossom hanging sign - think about doing this for any theme!
Paper Cherry Blossoms -Includes tutorial.  Easy craft - tissue paper and sticks!
Cherry Blossom Invite - so beautiful!
Cherry Blossom Cupcakes - yum! try buying sugar flowers if you aren't too crafty with icing!
Cherry Blossom Lanterns - hang these in clusters to give the room a dramatic look, as well!
Cherry Blossom Camera - don't be afraid to coordinate everything! You can bedazzle plain cameras to match your theme - they are inexpensive, so let the kids have fun at their parties too!
Cherry Blossom favor boxes - perfect size for truffles!


  1. What a great idea! Cherry blossoms look so beautiful!

  2. cherry blossoms are always so pretty but I hadn't ever thought to do them for a baby shower that would be beautiful

  3. i used this theme for my baby shower a few years ago and it was a huge hit! LOVE CHERRY BLOSSOMS! beautiful.

  4. cherry blossoms and OH SO ready to see some on the trees now!

  5. Thanks everyone! I am SO looking forward to the trees blooming too! Another snow storm coming tonight, ugh!

  6. Such great finds, Kim! I'm so obsessed with Asia...I must save all of these ideas via my blog. Love it. Thanks for all of the ideas.


  7. Ooohhh!!! I am so sharing with my sis-in-law! Her wedding is Cherry Blossom Theme!!! Her centerpieces are going to be cherry blossoms in vases but those vases are going to be filled with oragami cranes.

  8. Hi! I know this is super late, but I made those cherry blossom fan cookies for Best Wedding Sites. Just thought you should know...


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