Wednesday, February 24

Cherry Blossom Theme

Who doesn't love Cherry Blossoms!?! Standing under one in bloom is so magical.  I think this would make an excellent Baby Shower or girl's theme.... enjoy!  There were too ideas to share today, so I did an inspiration board instead - check out Frost Me at Facebook to see the cutest craft stickers to help you embellish your theme!

Cherry Blossom Fan Cookies - yum!
Cherry Blossom Umbrella - hang these upside down throughout your space  to create a dramatic look!
Cherry Blossom hanging sign - think about doing this for any theme!
Paper Cherry Blossoms -Includes tutorial.  Easy craft - tissue paper and sticks!
Cherry Blossom Invite - so beautiful!
Cherry Blossom Cupcakes - yum! try buying sugar flowers if you aren't too crafty with icing!
Cherry Blossom Lanterns - hang these in clusters to give the room a dramatic look, as well!
Cherry Blossom Camera - don't be afraid to coordinate everything! You can bedazzle plain cameras to match your theme - they are inexpensive, so let the kids have fun at their parties too!
Cherry Blossom favor boxes - perfect size for truffles!