Tuesday, February 23

Pink Baby Shower (Part 2)

I am getting really excited about planning this pink themed shower! Here are a few more of my inspirations... then you'll just have to wait and see what I can pull off on a tight budget!

This baby plush girl is adorable! It comes in a small and large size - you could put on top of a diaper cake or just as a decoration.  Source

Of course we have to do some pink pompoms! These are so easy to make and cost so little! Great way to fill visual space on the cheap! I plan on trying to do in a few shades of pink and a few in white too.  Source

MMMM.... cake balls... you have to fit those in, right!?!? for those not familiar - crush up cake, add icing - mix, then dip in chocolate... hello!?!? Fabulousness!  Source

This is a fun project - Cut out felt dresses and glue together, add cotton balls to all and in one, add a button or something.  Whomever gets the special something is the winner! You can add a safety pin and have all the guests wear them! If you aren't feeling crafty, you can purchase at the Source

Another cookie contender - these baby onsies - so cute! Source

off to plan... and finish this bottle of wine ;o)