Wednesday, February 17

Dress up your drinks!

I need to vent for a second... any other blog sisters feel like NO pair of pants was made to fit her body? I am tall, not thin and have some child birthin' hips lol... and trying to find pants makes me suicidal... that inspired today's post of adding a little frosting to your glass of juice, water or in my case tonight - wine lol!

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 Don't forget to do something as simple as add a slice of fruit to the rim of the glasses you are serving - it makes a huge impact! And don't limit it to parties! Throw an orange slice on your kid's fruit punch glass at dinner, too! Fancy isn't just for company, remember!  Source

 I first got hooked on cucumbers in water at a spa session (I splurged for my bday!).  It is surprisingly tasty and refreshing! Instead of slicing the cucumber like you would for a salad, slice long ways and put it on a skewer! So simple! This would be great for a hot summer's day! (please bring me summer!!)  Source

You don't have to limit yourself to edible items for the rim! Think outside the box... anything you can cut a slice into, you can adorn a glass! Match the theme of your party! Source

Don't stop at the rim! Why not make drink holders that not only look adorable, but would double as a coaster! You could even let your guests take them home as a favor! Source