Tuesday, February 16

Sailboat/Nautical (Part 2)

Just spent such a wonderful dinner out with my love and a few dollars spent at the casino (lost 6 bucks!).  Still feeling lazy like yesterday! I think this cold, snowy weather has me wrecked out!  Come on Spring!  ...  Since yesterday was a more playful side of Sailboats (Sailboat Part 1), today I wanted to post frosting for a more stylish affair...

I love how simple, yet elegant this tablescape is! This would be great for a baby shower or little boy's birthday... or even an adult that enjoys sailing! I probably shouldn't be thinking about cupcakes after the big dinner I just had! Source

Another pic from the same party.  Hello!?! Fantastic, right?!?!  I love the fabric banner in the back! Source

A really nice detail would be to use these striped buckles for the napkins or just some simple rope with a sailor's knot.  Source

A great placecard or even just decoration would be this adorable boat! I am SO in love with the striped string attached to the life savers!!! Source  found via http://www.thesweetestoccasion.com

How about a sweet little favor box! You can make from scratch or dress up ones you can buy at your local craft store or online.... and who wouldn't be happy going home with a sweet, especially those truffles! Source