Monday, February 8


Woohoo! We are called off of work today because of the road conditions! Almost makes the snow storm worth it! It's just a few days before Valentine's and if you are like me... I'm not ready yet ;o)  Here are a few Hearts inspired treats that would make someone feel extra special...

These are Oreos! Yep! Chocolate dipped Oreos with candy hearts on top - how yummy and simple! You can package them up for a surprisingly great treat! Source and tutorial

HELLO!?!?! How dang cute are these?!?! Valentine decoder hearts! You back crushed red candies in the middle and write something in blue on a piece of paper.  Then scribble all over it with reds and pinks and let the kids use the cookie to read the message! I am think of doing a scavenger hunt using these for my fiance'.  You could tuck this idea away for a spy party too and just bake the cookies in a different shape.  Source found via

Something better than a cupcake would be a cupcake with a piece of brownie on top! Yum! You could even drizzle red, pink and white chocolate over the hearts to really make them pop.  And why stop at brownies? How about fudge!?! I don't think we get enough opportunity for fudge lol  Source found via

How about a decadent red velvet cake in the shape of a heart to really say I love you! I know one way to my heart is through cake! ;o)  Source

And lastly, if you want an easy out... how about transforming plain toothpicks into adorable heart picks! You can find foam glitter hearts right now at any local craft store or even dollar store.  What a great way to do a little something special Valentine's morning without much work!

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