Tuesday, February 9

More Valentine's

First, thanks for all the blog love! Totally makes my day!!! ...On the home stretch of Valentine's day! Here are a few more Valentine's ideas that I hope will inspire you to do something a little extra special for your loved ones this weekend!  I know I am looking forward to quiet evening at home cooking a wonderful meal together with my fiance' - we figured it's not about what you spend, it's about time and effort - that's our MO!

Ok, file this one away for any occasion! Shaped sugar cubes! I so want to have a little girl right now and schedule a tea party lol! SUPER simple... sugar and food coloring (small dash of water)! Take a cookie cutter, place on wax paper - in a bowl mix little drop of food coloring to the sugar and sprinkle some water just enough to make it damp and mix.  Spoon into cookie cutter and push firm, tada!! Source:  Beautiful Cakes by Peggy Porsch

These dessert kabobs would fit right at home at Valentine's Day or a picnic this summer! YUM! Dipped marshmallow, strawberry and a cake pop dipped in chocolate - fantastic.  Source unknown :o(

These cookies are too adorable - and EASY for those shy of cookie decorating! Just make a square cookie and ice - trim with another color and using a cake marker (find them at Walmart baking section or any craft store) - just write your loved one a special little note! Source and purchase found via http://gordongossip.blogspot.com/

What a striking combo of flavor - red hots and white chocolate fudge! Source and purchase