Friday, February 26

Mmmmm... bite-sized fabulousness

Decorations are always eye candy, but so is how you present the food! Here are some deliciously prepared appetizers that will please any crowd!

I am open about being kabob obsessed! Have you seen tomatoes, olives, mozzarella, cucumber and some lettuce look so good!?!  Kabobs are also easy for your guests to pick up, snack and mingle at the same time.  Source
p.s. AND it's healthy, hello!!

Lettuce wedges - local restaurants do it, why can't we!?! I love the idea of the dressing on the wedge and surrounded by toppings.  This should make salad serving easier, quicker and much more fun!  Source unknown

Use a baked won-ton or tortilla shell to create a small carrier for something delicious like taco dip or spicy chicken! Source: Book: Practial Gourmet - Small Plates for Sharing

Instead of just serving regular shaped biscuits - cut them apart and put them back together in a fan shape (or make from scratch)! Use a muffin tin to keep them under control in the oven! Source and recipe/tutorial

How beautiful are these scallops!?!? If it weren't snowing, I would SO be trying this tonight! Source

Previous Appetizer Post....Just remember, whatever you serve, just serve it pretty!


  1. Mmmm, yummy appetizers! What a fun blog you have!!!


  2. These give me some great ideas for a baby shower I'm hosting in May! Thanks.

  3. Wish I had these, I am so hungry right now!

  4. Fantastic ideas. I have to try out that wedge of lettuce bar...sounds great and so different!

  5. Holy smokes - those lettuce wedges look amazing! fun, fun, fun!

  6. the kabobs are GENIUS! totally gonna use it for a dinner party i'm having next week :)

  7. Are those last ones scallops? Delicious!

  8. those are gorgeous! i want heavy hors'douvres /appetizers like these at my wedding!

  9. Love your blog.Finally doable and good appetizers! Keep up the good work.

  10. I know this is a bit after the post, but I just discovered your site tonight and we could be twins. I am a fanatic about appetizers, especially presentation.

    I absolutely love the tomatoes, olives, mozzarella, cucumber and lettuce Kabobs. The only problem is that the link goes to some Photography site about weddings. I am now officially the family member that makes all the appetizers for the holidays, and we have a fairly large family. I would love to make it for Christmas.

    I would love to make that platter. Do you happen to remember where it came from, or if you made it, do you have the instructions somewhere?


    1. I want more info, too. What is anchoring the other end of the kabob? a half melon maybe?

    2. yep, half melon works great! hugs! have a great 4th!


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