Tuesday, January 12


I hate to admit it to all my fellow women out there, but if I had to chose between dessert and appetizers, I'm SO picking appetizers! I know, I know! Cheese over chocolate? but it's true!  We host game night twice a month at our home and constantly looking for new ideas of appetizers to serve to wow our friends.  Here are just a few that I have on file...

Hello! I'm Irish so I HAVE to be in love with these mini reubens! The double-stackingness has my mouth watering almost as much as the fantastic presentation.  I have SO many serving dishes, but I don't have one of these, so the hunt will begin! I love the idea of mini sandwiches, especially when you are having an event that really will serve as people's dinner, as well.  Source

These eye-pleasing tomatoes make me crave my veggie garden! (another 2 months till we even start the seedlings, ugh).  I love LOVE the taste of fresh basil with tomatoes... take a tomato and don't slice alll the way thru.  Stuff inbetweens with mozzarella and basil, ta-done!  If you don't want to crank these out like a sweat shop - take one large tomato and hook it up - place it on the plate that has cherry tomatoes, slices of mozzarella and basil.  Source

This is a pic from my kitchen.  I was inspired by this Source to create these.  They were so simple and went like hotcakes! I took a potato peeler and ran it down the cucumber to make "stripes".  I then ran the cucumbers thru our meat slicer on the thickest setting.  Once cut I took a little spoon I have for serving and carved out the middles (but not all the way thru).  On my bff Kitchenaid, I threw in cream cheese, a little mayo, chopped onion and some crushed dill.  Once mixed, filled each slice.

OMG! Those that were at our gingerbread building party can attest that I threatened death to anyone that ate any - I wanted them all for myself! I painstakingly used a mini cookie cutter to cut out the shape of leaves out of Pillsbury biscuits - recommendation - just cut them up and stick them on the dang toothpick! and save yourself the trouble ;o)  The Source recommends a certain dipping sauce - I just served with Grey Poupon and loved it!