Thursday, February 11


WOOHOO! No work AGAIN today because of the weather! ...This post would be the "frosting" on any Princess/Ballerina themed party! My Stepmom's nickname is Princess, but these ideas are more fit for a bit younger princesses lol (sorry Mom!)

Can you say a WOW! tablescape! (click on the pic to open up bigger to see all the details!) Can you imagine all the little girl's faces walking into a party that looked like this! If you break it down, it's really not that hard to accomplish! Big cupcake stand in the middle, contrasting napkins and plates, favor bags, teacups and a coordinating pleated fabric around a tablecloth.  Source  found via

This DIY project would be a great alternative - it's one of those inexpensive round press board tables and 2 5 gallon buckets! Set up a few of these or even one for your little girl's room or playroom - fantastic! Source and tutorial

If you recall my "I used a stapler instead of sewing", you'll know why I love this one! No sew tutus!! So perfect for this party or to put in the dress up pile! Source and tutorial

Use alittle pink tulle to embellish anything and everything around! lol  The more fluff and fancy, the better!  Source

I couldn't leave you without a dessert! These are SOOO adorable, but are intimidating even for me to tackle... maybe I could pull off the crowns! lol... they are made with disco dust on top of the icing which gives it that extra sparkle! Source


  1. I also love tulle. And I adore those cookies!!! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. These are so cute!! Sounds like your neighborhood has been "frosted" one to many times this season! Stay warm!

  3. I'm adding you to my favorites. I love your finds! Be sure to come on over to for my tiny necklace giveaway - perfect for Mamas!

  4. the tulle napkin rings are a great idea! Thanks for sharing....Im gonna have to make some of those soom:)

  5. I love you work. Beautiful, I need to come back to look when I have more time!


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