Wednesday, February 10

Duck Themed Shower

MORE SNOW! UGH! Get me out of here! Can't wait to move! If anyone reading lives in OR, let me know, we are trying to find a great town that doesn't have too much snow!  Good news is - no work AGAIN today! But 8-10 more inches coming!  A comment left yesterday led me to find the cake below and inspired me to post inspiration for a Duck Themed Shower...

These cute duck centerpieces would be a quick and easy way to dress up the table! Some dollar store items and ta-da! Add some coordinating colored plates and placemats and you have a cohesive look.  Source

Duck topped cupcakes awwwww.... I love the red with the light blue and yellow - it really pops! One thing I do when I tackle creating toppers is just put them on a few of the whole set of cupcakes - still looks fantastic and you don't spend days creating them! Also, less people feel guilty for not eating them lol... a mouth full of fondant is really not the best chew even though it looks fantastic lol!  Source

This was too cute - can't tell if it's cake, but here's my thoughts.... use a duck cookie cutter and cover in yellow colored chocolate or icing.  Then cover a graham cracker in red chocolate or icing... looks like lifesavers for the wheels.  The eye could be done with an edible marker.  Attack the cookie using icing - this is all in my head lol so if the cookie doesn't stand easy, could carve a little line into the graham cracker for stability and make sure you make the cookies pretty thick.  Pic Source

To go with the duck in water theme, these rubber ducky soaps are the perfect favor! These would be super easy to make with a simple soap mold and basic glycerin found at your local craft store and dollar store duckies. Source 

And finally, the cake that inspired the post (Thanks Colleen for the blog love!).  This adorable cake would be the frosting on this party!  With all these bubbles going on, I think it would only be appropriate to serve Champagne or something bubbly! I mean, you have to stay true to the theme, right? heehee   Source