Sunday, March 21

Alice in Wonderland

Ugh! Haven't slept well for two nights now! It's so beautiful out - maybe I just have Spring fever ;o)  Here is one of the requests listed during the giveaway.  I have a seen a lot of Alice stuff lately and saw the movie Friday - a bit weird, my jury still out ;o) I tried to cover the basic elements - some traditional, some more new movie... hope it inspires! (click on pic to see larger)

Hatter game:  How fun is this!?! Have kids "pin the clock" on the hatter!
Mushrooms:  Can't have an Alice party without them! Keep your eyes out at local garden stores, too
Wooden Characters:  I thought these were fab, but I have no painting talent - NONE (source unknown)
Alice cake box centerpiece:  Lovely etsy shop - cake box centerpiece based on new movie
Card cookies:  These would be a great addition - you could make these as jam sandwiches, too
Invitation:  This was one of my favs I found
Tablescape:  This party was so much fun looking!
Cupcake teacups:  Hello!?!? fantastic for a tea party too! Silicon cupcake baking cups!
Blue Caterpillar:  One of those crawl thru tunnels - put a bubble machine at the end (instead of hookah ;o)
Flamingo croquet:  If you don't go full plush route... just get some cheap plastic flamingos to play with!
Alice cupcakes:  You have to have cupcakes! I love they did the fat boys too lol
Cookie paper:  You buy the printed sugar paper, then you apply to a frosted cookie, va-la!
Drink Me bottles:  Drink Me and Eat Me should be on everything! so cute!


  1. LOVE it!!! I had an Alice in Wonderland themed house warming party back in September. Im amazed how popular its gotten over the last several months. If you have time, stop by my blog, I posted the cake on there. Here's the link:

  2. Love the sandwiches and the tablescape. Great inspiration:) I actually liked the movie. Visually gorgeous.

  3. I have been planning my daughters Alice Birthday since I was preggers with her.. she is 3 now..but 5th birthday cannot get here soon enough! Thanks for some good inspiration!

  4. Love this inspiration! Thanks for sharing :).

    Morgan @

  5. Awww, I can't believe one of my parties was featured on one of your posts! Thanks!

    Everyone loves Alice in Wonderland!


  6. Thanks for adding my cupcakes to your inspiration board!

  7. That is fabulous!!! I love this! Great idea!

  8. Hello,

    These are amazing! Love them!

    ~ Gabriela ~


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