Wednesday, March 3

Color Theme: Multi-colored

First... let me share it's been a TERRIBLE day dealing with STUPID people... then I came home and found $80 in a pair of jeans I haven't worn forever, hello!?!? Way to turn the day around!! Decided to do a color theme post today - Multi-colors. These would be great ideas to incorporate into multiple different themes, or just as a color theme... enjoy! Check out Facebook for a fun treat to go with the theme!

Tissue paper pompoms are always a good bet! Source

If you don't have multiple glass pitchers like this.. just use plastic containers - you still get a fun look! Source

Who doesn't love gummy worms?!?! These would be perfect for a bold color theme.  Source

Another candy that would be perfect! Just watch out for the sugar rushes lol! Just think of candies that will match your theme and display proudly in clear containers to really make a great looking candy table! Source

These multi-colored placecard holders would work perfect as buffet card holders or a birthday sign holder, as well.  Source

These chocolate curl topped cupcakes are SUPER easy to make! Melt colored chocolate wafers and pour it on wax paper to create a thin layer.  When dry take a metal spatula and push it against it and the chocolate will curl up! or try a peeler (have to melt chocolate into a "block" first) Ta-da! Source and curling tutorial


  1. WOW $80 in my pocket would sure make my day as well.
    Love those chocolate curl cupcakes, what a great idea!

  2. Seriously LOVE those poms...and seriously, times a million, love those cupcake curls..I may have to attempt that! Bright & fun colors..ADORE!

  3. I know, Pam, it totally made my day! I was like - how did I not miss 80 bucks in the first place? lol....

  4. Sorry about your crap day.... but the $80 rocks. Love the bright colors - cute post!

  5. Thanks Jackie! Stupid people make my brain hurt! lol...

    Shawna - thanks!!! Glad you are enjoying! I am having so much fun with it!

    Hi Jessica and Kristy!!

  6. Thank you for including my coloured chocolate curl cupcakes on your lovely blog!! You have so many fabulous ideas here... love it!

  7. Welcome Jeniffer! Sorry I didn't have time to drop you a line yesterday to let you know! Everyone is emailing me about how cute they are!

  8. Kim, the chocolate curls really are adorable. I gotta save that idea! Keep up the good work.



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