Tuesday, March 23

Easter bunnies!

Is it just me or did Easter just sneak right up on us!?! I feel like there is no time to prepare this year! Here are a few bunny related ideas to make your Easter special!

ps. don't forget to help me with newsletter ideas! I am excited to start doing more!

How adorable is he!?! She added fondant to a regular chocolate egg and va-la!  If you break down each component, I think it wouldn't be too hard to pull off (well, maybe the carrots would heehee).  She even did Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head, they cracked me up! Source and tips on how to make.

These would be so perfect to serve lunch in or a special surprise! If you are hosting Easter dinner, you could send guests home with a slice of zucchini bread or some other dessert in one of these - a table full of all these pastels would surely look fabulous! I am a bedazzler, so I would have to add glitter, ribbons and/or stamps and dress it up a bit.  You could even add the guest's name to each bunny!  Source

These bunny cake pops are my fav I have seen.  It's an old stashed photo - I thought they were Bakerella, but they aren't.  Source unknown :o(

A cookie sandwich is the best way to justify eating two cookies at one time ;o)  You could use this idea with any cookie cutter, any theme! I love how the tail has a little dot of white! Source

Have to have carrots for the bunnies! They took popsicle sticks and glued carrots to the end, "planted" them in a box and each guest "picked" their name out of the "garden" to reveal their table number! You could turn this into a matching game with different veggies for the young ones to play (pull them out one by one till you match two potatoes, or two carrots, etc), or attach a small bag of seeds to the back as a favor! Source and tutorial