Wednesday, March 24

Under the Sea!

I am totally under the weather! Not fair! It is so beautiful out! I want to thank everyone for such a warm response to my tea bag cookies! You all made me feel so good! ...Today's inspiration is Under the Sea - hope you enjoy!  Check out the Facebook page for Under the Sea handmade felt invites!

(click pic to see large version)

Under the Sea Cake:  Super perfect for this theme! Source unknown :o(
Underwater camera These would make great favors, especially if it's a water/pool party! They have an underwater scene on them.
Sea bath toys You could use these on the tables as decorations
Fish bowl centerpiece It has real goldfish in it! The kids would go crazy seeing these swim around as they ate! I think beta fish would beautiful too!
Sea decorations:  These would totally set the scene!
Oyster cookies Simple cookie project that would be fun to eat!
Fish placecard holders Perfect for holding your buffet tags!
Sea creature bubble wands:  What is an under the sea party without bubbles!?! You should even add a bubble machine!
Submarine cutout The kids will love receiving a copy of their picture taken in the submarine as a thank you gift!
Fish lollipop cover:  I love this idea for any theme - just a fun way to dress up a plain lollipop!
Wave cupcake stand:  Add cutout waves to all your displays to really carry the theme!
Sea tablescape:  Lay a net, starfish and shells to a blue tablecloth to create a fun background!
Octopus napkin:  Wrap cotton balls or a small ball with a rubberband and a a blue napkin and glue on some eyes... instant Octopus!
Octopus prop:  This giant cardboard prop would be a great focal point and photo op!
Fish topped cake boxes: Same ladies that did the Alice in Wonderland one - I just love their stuff!


  1. Love all of these great ideas!Thanks again for the shout out for our Party Starters cake centerpieces/favors!

    Hope you are feeling better soon!!

  2. You have such a fabulous collection of ideas!! I love those paint card cookies!!

  3. Ooops, your not the only one under the weather... my previous comment was supposed to be on your Paint/Art Party! Though glad I'm on this page because I'm going to have to make the fish lollipop covers... so cute!!

  4. Very cute ideas, love your blog! You could also make permanent sand castles for centerpieces! (I have instructions on my blog at

  5. I wish I'd seen this post before my daughter's sea creature birthday party! (I think I said the same thing about your ladybug post.) I don't think I could've pulled off the cake (it's amazing!) but I would have loved to try the octopus napkins.


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