Thursday, March 18

Easter is how close?

OH my, can't seem to get ahead this year! You ever make decisions that you question if you have a drinking problem even if you don't drink? Well, I just took on 2 MBA classes - late registration which means I have to make up last week and this week by Sunday.  I just am finishing up my MPA and figured why not get a dual Master? Am I insane? I think I need an intervention! lol... any way, before it's too late, put down your green beer and pick up some Easter grass! ;o)  ps. check out Facebook for fun foam egg decorations!

Awwww how sweet!?! These simple "grass" egg cups would display any egg proudly! You could also use them as placecards or buffet card holders for Easter dinner... Looking at the shape - modify it a bit and you'd have a crown - you could use for princess or prince parties - fill them with candy or make them big enough to have cups sit inside! Source and tutorial

How dang cute!?!? Simple orange napkins wrapped with 2 colors of pipe cleaners - with green silverware (A dollar store project if I ever saw one!).  Why not take it up a notch and put them in a wooden box with some brown tissue paper so your guest can "pull" the carrot up out of the "garden"! Source and tutorial

Paper lilies! How sweet!?! These would be so much fun to make with the kids and to use as centerpieces or make smaller ones and use as a paper corsage!  Source and Tutorial

YUM! Chocolate covered rice crispy treats! I think I would use a pastel chocolate just to make them even more "spring like".  Use a cookie cutter to do the shapes.  You could do them with or without the popsicle sticks (depending if you enjoy licking chocolate off your hands ;o)  You could modify these for any theme - why not dip each side in a different color, or make the crispies in another shape or tie them with ribbon if you don't want to decorate - lots of ways to present them! Source