Monday, March 8


UGH! It's been a few unexpected things the past few days so posting has had to wait (sorry!)  I am enjoying the hint of Spring coming though! All of our snow is gone WOOHOO! Though it has uncovered all the unfinished projects in the backyard waiting for my attention lol.  Here are some ideas to inspire you for a Monkey Themed party! Check out Facebook for a link to pics for a fantastic Monkey party!

I SO fell in love with this when I saw it! Hanging "vines" from the ceiling! How dang cute!?!? This would also be perfect for a Safari theme, too!  Source

These adorable Monkey theme b-day invites are from one of my bff (blog friends forever ;o)  Tell me the little pom-pom on his hat doesn't make you smile! Check out this and the related party stuff at Source  (Purple Pug)

Hang little Monkey in the barrel guys off the side of the kid's glasses! Serve juice the color of the party and add a sugar rim for extra fun! Source

This banana invite would be perfect to use as a table card too! Or just hang them around as part of the decorations! Source

Add a special touch to the napkins with a Monkey napkin ring - if you aren't super crafty, just buy stickers! There are so many available now with the boom of scrapbooking. Source

Cut bananas up and dip and chocolate, roll in nuts with a popsicle stick - how delicious! I like mine served out of the fridge - YUM! Source

These monkey cupcake toppers would be the perfect addition  Source