Tuesday, March 9

Tree/Nature Inspired (con't)

In case you are reading this in reader - you might not notice I spent a day off working on a new layout - hope ya'll like it! And I have been trying to post a recap of posts under "types of frosting" to make it easier to search on themes - I am far from done, so keep checking back! Thanks for all the blog love and support!

For those of you just now joining in all the Frosting Fun, I am getting married next year! WOOHOO! We want to have a nature theme (but not overly woodsy) wedding.  I have been sharing ideas on the blog because I think they could be used for other events, as well, not just weddings - lord knows there are enough wedding blogs out there!

I LOVE, LOVE this idea! This would be fantastic for any family focused event really - reunions, anniversaries, baby showers... whatever! Just do up a bare tree and have your guests thumb stamp and write their name creating a "leaf".  How sweet would this be to look back and remember who was there to spend that special day?  Think outside the tree, too, and think of other shapes that you could "finish off" by doing a thumb print to match your theme! Source

Another guest "book" idea would be to have everyone sign a slice of wood. Source unknown :o(

Use slices of wood to paint table numbers on them - how economical AND green! Source

Use wood or wooden boxes as stands for desserts, appetizers, drinks, etc... don't stop there! Look around the house, you probably have TONS of things you could use unconventionally to create display stands - just put on your creative glasses and go peek around! Source

These are beautiful, wooden leaves - they would look so pretty on a buffet table or to help you create a woodland theme! Source

Here's a trick you can use at any event! Just use a craft punch, stencil or something in the right shape - lay it on your dessert and sprinkle with powered sugar - carefully lift up and va-la! Instant design and no real skill needed!Source unknown :o(

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