Saturday, March 27

New Cupcake Book!

I had to share what I just got today! You saw me give away a copy of "Hello,Cupcake", well the follow-up to that is "What's New, Cupcake?" and OMG! I am so in love!! There are so many dang cute cupcakes I want to try - and the best part is they are all SIMPLE (just look deceivingly hard!) made with candy and stuff from the supermarket, not anything professional (or fondant, etc).

I had to pass along that I got mine for only $9.90 from Amazon! It is $16.95 at Barnes & Noble! Here are some sneak peeks! (sorry for the bad pics - I have a migraine and was too lazy and just used the camera on the phone ;o)


  1. I saw the apple ones (with the donut underneath) and LOVE THEM! I can't wait to get my hands on a copy!!

  2. I HAVE to pass on the honeycomb one to a first birthday mama soon! Thanks for sharing! Oh the pink lemonade blueberries.. they were "made" last year, this was the first year they were for sale and we have only had them a month.. I HOPE they have fruit this year!

  3. OMG ladies,there are so many cute ones! I wanted to take pics of them all!!!

    @ Brittanie, I hope they turn out they sound SO good!

    Kim @ Frost Me!

  4. So cool...I love to see cupcake designs. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I love the bumble bee ones and would love for you to share all about them for my upcoming bumble bee party on May 1st. SO CUTE!!!!


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