Saturday, March 27

Shopping Saturday!

Local finds (at chain stores) that hopefully will help you with your next party! Make sure you get them now before supplies switch out! Visit my link to the right under "Frosting at Local Stores" for a rolling 2 months of posts!

Dr. Seuss puzzles! They had about 5 or 6 different books represented - these would be fun to glue together and hang, use on a buffet table or if the kids are young enough just have it as an activity!

Found:  Borders Books
Section:  Clearance
Price:  $5.99

Kohl's has a few Dr. Seuss plush characters - you have to check them out - they always rotate!  They always have the book to purchase too!

Found:  Kohl's Department Store
Section:  Near registers
Price:  $5.00

I totally didn't let myself buy these today, but I found them cheaper here.  These animal cracker cookie cutters would be perfect for a circus or zoo theme!!

Found:  Williams & Sonoma
Section:  Cookie cutter
Price:  $19.99  ($12.99 online here)

Fantastic!!! Porcelain egg place card holders - Great for Easter dinner for either name or buffet cards - AND they are on markdown!

Found:  William and Sonoma
Section:  Easter display table
Price: Marked down to $9.99

How cute are these!?! Mushroom cookies- use for Alice in Wonderland, fairy or woodland theme!

Found:  Borders Books
Section:  By register
Price: $2.49

I love when people do parties based on children's books! All kinds of Curious George stuff was there!

Found:  Target
Section:  Bargain bins in front of store
Price: Think all were $1

Fiance's wish list: An Illustrated Life: Drawing Inspiration from the Private Sketchbooks of Artists, Illustrators and Designers, Phonogram Volume 2: The Singles Club, Drawing with Lee Ames


  1. Hi Kim...Absolutely love your the way-GREAT FINDS! :)

  2. The Chocorooms are DELISH too! Cost plus has them year round! Wish WS was closer! Those eggs would be perfect!

  3. I'm heading to Borders Books tomorrow to see if I can find one or two of those Dr. Seuss floor puzzles... would be an awesome activity at my daughter's upcoming b-day! (It'll be a mix of 2-5 yr olds.) I haven't picked a color or theme yet and those would be cool! Keeping my fingers crossed! Thanks again for the post! Once again, I love this feature!

  4. Hi Kim!

    What a cute blog! I love those animal cracker cookie cutters - what a great theme party idea. Great finds!!!


  5. Kim I love this feature and look forward to it each week now! It keeps me inspired!!

  6. Just found your blog, and love all your great ideas.

  7. LOVE the's SO much cuter! makes me want to go buy some just because it's SO adorable!

  8. Thanks for the feedback everyone! Glad you like this feature!

    Kim @ Frost Me!


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