Thursday, March 25

Paint/Art Party (Part 3!) are starting to design my fiance's son's room (he comes for the summer) and the first thing we have bought is art paper that goes on a roll - arts & crafts are VERY important in this house! Wish I could finger paint everyday ;o)  ...It must be why I love this theme so much!

I love this artist palette with the different color cupcakes on it! Just mix white icing with different food coloring and va-la! Source ... you can find the palette for under $8 on Amazon

These clear paint cans are popping up everywhere in the arts & craft stores... why not fill them with different colored candies and add paper paint brush with each guest's name or "Jake's party" on the handle! Great favor! Source

This is over the top fantastic! I don't think I could pull off this centerpiece! but how cool!?! You could use the idea of the splatters and spills and cut paper or vinyl to add to the tablecloth and the floors... even leading into the house! How about using an old shoe and dipping in washable paint and putting foot prints outside like someone stepped in paint too! Source

I thought these would be the perfect invitations.... Source

This is a baby food server, but I though it would be perfect to incorporate on the buffet table or for paint.  Source

"Paint card" cookies would be so much fun! You don't need artistic vision - just a steady hand! You could write on fun color names with an edible marker.  These would also be a great thank you gift for someone that helped you paint the house (note to self:  have painting party this spring ;o)  Source and tutorial

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  1. That is so funny that you posted this today...I am having an art party for my daughter in two weeks. I am also incorporating Monet's Water Lillies into the theme too. I am also giving out the clear paint cans as favors- but, I filled them with petite art supplies! Thanks for sharing these cute ideas. I couldn't find a lot of info when I started planning her party.

  2. Great things Kim, as always. Love those cookies!

  3. Those are some seriously cute ideas! The splatters are SO SO cute!

  4. Love the centerpiece idea-very cool. The baby dish is adorable!

  5. Too cute!! My little nieces would love this kind of party. They love anything to do with painting and coloring. :)

    Love your blog!! So many great ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  6. This is an awesome idea! I love it!

  7. Great Ideas! My daughter's birthday is coming up and I am trying to find ideas! I love the cupcakes!! Thanks for sharing! ~Karen

  8. Great post. What a fun party theme. Love the cupcake art pallet!


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