Saturday, March 13

St. Patty's Day (Part 1)

I am TOTALLY absorbed in finishing out the decorations, games and desserts for tomorrow's baby shower - I can't WAIT! to show you guys what I did on a tight budget! Here is a quick post of a few fun ideas for St. Patty's... enjoy!

Fancy up your cupcake wrappers with a little ribbon! Add some mint extract to your icing! Add some fun toppings! - all ways to distract from the fact you made it from a box mix! rofl... Source found via

I'm not a huge beer fan, but I think I could make an exception for Guiness cupcakes! I know my friend Dave would LOVE these, but I am scared to bring them to work and get in trouble lol... Source and recipe found via

 Here's a great use of those cake pan forms you have - no matter what they are... Cook some beer bread or cornbread or whatever and cut out a circle in the middle and fill with dip - YUM! Source

 These are Irish coffee favors - how fun is that!?!? Just put all the ingredients in a mug, adorn and va-la! Happy drinking ;o)  Source

My fiance'  LOVES Andy's Candies... this cheesecake looks so DELICIOUS! Source and recipe