Monday, March 15

Budget Baby Shower Photos!

I was rushing to finish when everyone was arriving early - so I didn't get a lot of pics and the ones I got weren't very good :o( ... but here's a little flavor of some of the elements for a Baby Shower I did this weekend - done on a tight budget...  I did not attend the shower, so no action shots ;o)

I loved these topiary - it took me 4 hours a piece! They are 2 kinds of pink and 1 white tissue paper rolled up like spit balls ;o)  I wouldn't recommend unless you have lots of time or child labor rofl... I almost loved them enough to want to do it again ;o)  Basket in the middle had baby feet cookie favors (see below) and to the right were 3 prize boxes filled with cake balls (crumble cake, mush in icing, freeze, dip in chocolate, enjoy! YUM!)

Just printed out "BABY" and hung clothes in between - classic baby shower clothesline

Cut out circles to spell "WELCOME BABY" & glued crepe paper all around in a ruffle format - was going to be strung together, but no where to hang, so we put one letter on each cabinet (turned out perfect 1 for each door)

Made Chrystal Light instant pack holders for the water bottles - would like to have adorn them more, but budget, budget!!

"Bun in the oven game".... Took a new approach to an old game...Made a paper doll "corsage" for each guest.  The one of the left is for the "Mommy to be" she was all glittered up - the one on the right was for all the guests says "She's Expecting".  At the end of the party, the guests lifted the dress to see which one said "bun in the oven" (I had stamped it on one of the girl's tummy.

Took plain white dollar store napkins and hand stamped each one.  On smaller pink ones (not pictured) I stamped diaper pins around the border

Since we had a small budget - decided doing a "guess that price" game would have to be on a print out... I alternated the pictures with statistics of how much it cost to raise a baby each year - avg spent on diapers, formula, child care, etc... leading slide said "GOSH! Babies are EXPENSIVE" lol

I made 1-5 numbering cards to put in front of pink plastic baby food tupperware filled with 5 different baby foods - to do the guess this baby food game (ew! lol)

My first ever time icing cookies! I did baby feet - I didn't get a good picture of what they looked like wrapped, so to the left is just in plastic, and to the right is what the top of the wrapping looked like afterwards lol... I did a baby bottle punch for the hole for the ribbon and it said "Thank you for joining us! Susan's Baby Shower 3.14.10"

And my favorite.... made little babies peeking out from under blankets