Tuesday, March 16

St. Patty's Day (Part 2)

You ever have those weeks were you leave dishes in the sink, clothes on the floor and search and search for a clean pair of socks!?!? That is the kind of past week I have been having! Here is a super quick post of some other favorite finds for St. Patty's Day... Thank you ALL for your great comments! Seriously been making my day! I have made a list of all the things you guys want to see - and those that haven't - don't forget to enter the giveaway!

 These are just fresh pretzels made into shamrock shapes - you could do these in the letter of each child's name or flower shaped - whatever - and if you don't want to make pretzels, grab some Pillsbury crescents! CHEAT PEOPLE! lol  Source found via editablecrafts

MMMMMM... Guiness pudding, hello!?! even non-dark beer people have to be intrigued! I am definitely going to give this one a try!  I love the presentation too! Mason jars with the bottle cap on a lollipop stick - so cute! Adapt this to cherry pie in there and a nice gingham print paper that says "cherry pie" attached to the stick for summer (for one example) Source

These are so cute! Recipe is to make sugar cookies then top with a marshmallow before dipping in chocolate - if you are having a week like me - use a Nilla cookie or one part of an Oreo cookie (you get to eat each right half, save the left)... Source

Sorry it's so short!! I should be back to great posts tomorrow!