Thursday, April 15

Balloons & Clouds

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A fun kids theme could be Hot Air Balloons or that movie "Up"! I rode in a balloon once and it was MAGICAL! ...You could fill the party space with tons of balloons and wouldn't it be fun if you could get a basket big enough for at least one kid, tie some balloons on and use it for the photo op!?! You could cut out cloud shapes and hang them at all different levels hanging down

The centerpieces could be balloons with a house or basket depending on your theme... so quick and easy and really fill up a space - you could even anchor them to the ceiling so the centerpieces actually float above your head!  You can even get nets to go over the balloons hereSource

These would be easy for any level of baking skill! Cut out hot air balloon shapes out of different patterned paper and squeeze a bunch of icing in the middle - plop it down and ta-da!  Source

You could do cloud theme treats everywhere! (you can decorate using edible markers) Source

These are a FREE downloadable treat box! How cute are these!?!  They would make a great favor box for this theme.  Source and download

I think I would use blue colored drinks for this party, but I like where they are going with this - white cotton candy on a lolli stick to be "clouds".  Source

mmmm quick cloud cookies (and tutorial!)  Source found via PartyPerfect

 Hot Air Balloon place card holders would be great for buffet cards or decorations  Source

ending on a sweet note - these balloon cupcakes would be loved by all! Source

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  1. this would be such a cute addition to a rainbow party!

  2. oh duh! Susan! Why didn't I think of that! lol... I was SO asleep yesterday! plus I was rushing to do my taxes like a loser ;o)

    Kim @ Frost Me!

  3. I love the treat boxes. I don't know how you think of all these great ideas.

    I find throwing a party just fills me with anxiety, but it wouldn't if my party looked anything like yours!

    Thanks for stopping by my site through Amanda's party.

  4. Those drinks w/ the cotton candy stirrers are really cool - thanks for sharing!

  5. I love those little happy and light, what a great party idea!!!

  6. I love this, those balloon toppers are adorable and the happy clouds are so sweet. Great ideas!

  7. Glad you guys like this one! Thanks for all your luv, as always!

    Kim @ Frost Me!


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