Wednesday, April 14

Are you a small business?

Small Business Call

My bff - Terrell is an internet marketing guru that freelances for the big dogs (Vonage, Claritin, Days Inn, etc)  I have FINALLY! convinced him that we small little people need love too! hello!?! duh - listen to your best friend (been bffs since middle school)!

Sooo... I have a HUGE favor to ask... would you guys be willing to join us on a teleconference for one hour to let him know what our type of businesses need? (web stuff, marketing - what do we struggle with?)  It's not a sales call - it's just a few of us telling him what kind of package deals he should put together for small businesses so he can go back and figure out what kinds of services to offer at small business rates... and we should learn a few things on the call, too ;o)

I have been trying to coordinate with a few of ya... so to make it easier we are setting up two calls for next week.  It doesn't matter your size - etsy to full blown store...

Times:  (you can pick one) Tuesday, April 20th 8pm EST  OR  Thursday, April  22nd 11am EST

RSVP:   by emailing me ( and I'll send you the call-in number!

Kim @ Frost Me!