Wednesday, April 21


I love using butterflies around for all kinds of themes.  I saw the first pic below today which inspired the theme for today... Here are a few additional finds...

I thought this was great for the day before earth day because these are up-cycled magazine photos! How adorable would these be hanging around your next party!?! And practically free to make! Source & tutorial

You can modify this one for any theme - homemade marshmallows into a shape that compliments your theme  Source and tutorial

Cupcakes that I made for a coworker's bday - didn't take a good pic, of course! But something that you can take from this is you don't have to spend time on decorating every cupcake, a few special ones will still give a great impact (inspired by hello cupcake)

 Find ways to pepper butterflies throughout your space! Let them "land" on lanterns, straws, dishes, tables, etc. Source (Martha mag, I believe - unconfirmed)

Wrap water or juice bottles in coordinating patterned paper and even add a fun tag to mach, as well! Let even everyday food and drink items add to your theme! Source

I'll end a whole lotta sweet notes! I love this dessert-scape for so many reasons - the biggest is that they used ALL the space - they thought up, down, and all around... don't be shy about using more than just the table top! Source found via Karasparty