Tuesday, April 20

More birds!

Are you guys tired of my bird obsession yet? lol... some more ideas I am tucking away for my late summer bird/garden theme party! Also, think about ways you can use each idea in a way that works for your party...

Isn't this tablescape fantastic!?! (click to see detail)... I have to find a way to hang some bird cages outside above the table - probably impossible!  But lesson learned is, don't forget to decorate above you, as well! Source

Even if you are having an outside party, doesn't mean you are limited on decorating! Find a tree branch where you can hand garland down, instead of across to great some whimsy! Source

This full sized easel would look fantastic set up at the entryway to the party with a board welcoming guests - inside or outside! Use a regular easel for an art party, or find one that would work for your theme Source

I love wrapping all the food to coordinate! I fell in love with this bird paper and must track some down! Another element here is lining your party trays with coordinating fabric.  I would say even filling up the dish with birdseed and placing the chocolate bars resting in it would have been cute too ;o) Don't miss the extra touch of the butterfly placed on the side - Michael's has clip on ones that would work perfect Source

I am so obsessed with finding a unique way to use every day things...This is a jewelry stand but how fun would this be to use as decoration on a buffet stand, or hang party favors from (maybe flower seeds in a bag) Don't be shy to "shop" in your own house for items that will go with your theme Source

I am a sucker for blue and brown together and love birds (duh)... so these cookies are so calling my name! How beautiful are these!?! I am not sure I could pull these of - I don't have such a steady hand! Source


  1. These are adorable I'm sending this of to my friend who's last name happens to be "Byrd"

    I finally got my grab button. Stop by and take one :)


  2. Love that brown & blue...and that easel, what a great find!

  3. I am currently obsessed with birds right now. So I am loving these ideas! Beautiful.

  4. I love the bird cages over the table and those sweet cookies! Not sure I could force myself to take a bite. OK, who am I kidding?


  5. The little bird cookies are so tiny and cute!

  6. I love how you mentioned shopping your own house. I'm a big fan of this, and sometimes, I amaze myself by what I think of looking at my own stuff with fresh eyes.


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